To celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, AFCA has launched a series of videos featuring AFCA’s own people speaking their first language.

In each video, a member of AFCA's team explains how AFCA can help with financial complaints and how to get in touch.

The videos are part of a range of improvements to AFCA's multilingual resources, which now cover 20 languages and offer advice on how to resolve a complaint, what to do if you are in financial difficulty, and information for small businesses.


Watch all the videos below

Since launching in November 2018, AFCA has received around 700 requests for an interpreter, with AFCA providing this service free of charge in over 75 different languages.

AFCA staff member

The five most frequently requested languages by people who contacted AFCA were Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Spanish.

AFCA staff member

All the videos feature AFCA’s own people speaking their first language. Almost a third of AFCA staff were born overseas.

Contacting AFCA

For more information in your language, visit the AFCA languages page.

Interpreting service

If English is not your first language, we can arrange access to a free interpreting service. Call the free interpreter service on 131 450, or call us on 1800 931 678* and we will organise an interpreter for you.

Contact us

To talk to our staff call 1800 931 678*.

*9am–5pm Melbourne time. Calls to this number from landlines in Australia are free. Calls from mobile phones may be charged, please check with your carrier.