AFCA has multiple projects underway to enhance our dispute resolution service and improve the experience for members and complainants.

Since the Independent Review report was released, AFCA has used the findings as key inputs into our existing projects to further strengthen their outputs and allow us to effectively respond to the review.

This page includes the latest project update, as well as a summary of all the recommendations and AFCA's response.

For more information on the Independent Review process and final report visit the about the Independent Review page.

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June 2023 Update​

AFCA has continued work in response to the Independent Review making progress across 12 recommendations, with work complete on four of these.

AFCA’s Rules and Operational Guidelines consultation concludes  

In May, AFCA concluded its consultation on proposed changes to AFCA’s Rules and Operational Guidelines. The proposed changes have been developed to address recommendations made in the Independent Review, with some additional changes to help ensure our Rules and Operational Guidelines remain accurate, up-to-date and provide clearer guidance about AFCA’s jurisdiction and processes.  

The consultation period involved engagement with various stakeholders, including financial firms, industry associations, peak bodies, paid representatives and consumer representatives, to gain feedback on the proposed changes (outlined in the Consultation Paper). AFCA also met with and provided regular updates to regulators and Treasury. 

To date, AFCA has received 37 formal submissions, including four confidential submissions. AFCA will now review the feedback and submissions over coming months. The final outcomes of the Consultation will be shared in September. 

Following approvals, the proposed new Rules and Operational Guidelines will commence on 1 July 2024.  

NEW: Edition two of the Systemic Issues Insights Report  

As part of our continued response to Recommendation 13, improving transparency of systemic issues in public reporting, we launched the second edition of the AFCA FY22-23 Systemic Issues Insights Report in May 2023. The report delivers on our commitment to transparency and sharing key systemic issues insights with consumers, members and stakeholders. The report shares recent data and findings from a range of systemic issues cases across the industry, helping financial firms improve industry practice.  

Visit for more or reach out to the Systemic Issues team at with any questions. 

Improving transparency of timeliness with AFCA’s IT transformation  

AFCA is currently undertaking an IT transformation project to ensure it provides a modern, efficient and user-friendly experience for all. The transformation includes new technology, streamlined processes and integrated systems, all designed to support fair, effective, and timely dispute resolution. ​The implementation of these new systems is a key part of AFCA’s response to Recommendation 5, improving transparency of timeliness and better managing timeliness expectations.   

In FY24, three key products will launch: a new and enhanced member portal for financial firms, a new consumer portal for complainants and their representatives and a new case management system for AFCA’s people. Not only will these systems talk to each other to significantly improve efficiency, they will also improve communication and transparent information sharing among parties to support fair and timely dispute resolution.​ 

Forward-Looking Review Mechanism update (Recommendation 9) 

Changes required to AFCA’s Operational Guidelines for Recommendation 9, enhancing visibility, accessibility and independence of the forward-looking review mechanism, have been consulted on through AFCA’s Rules Consultation.  

AFCA has competed research on models for forward-looking review mechanisms and is considering recommendations. When developed, we will invite feedback on the mechanism.  

Approach Consultation update (Recommendation 11)  

For Recommendation 11, consulting on AFCA Approaches prior to finalisation to identify unintended consequences, AFCA has completed research on consultation models and is considering recommendations. We are piloting consultation methods with the development of new AFCA approaches (e.g. Responsible Lending and Inappropriate Lending to Small Business).

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4. Addressing poor conduct by some paid advocates

Status: On track for completion in 2024

6. Complaints from sophisticated or professional investors

Status: On track for completion in 2024

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