We value your feedback. Compliments, suggestions and complaints about our service help us to improve. 

We strive to deliver an excellent service to all our customers, but we know sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens, you can let us know. 

This page explains how to:

  • provide us with feedback about how we handled a complaint, and/or
  • lodge a complaint about our customer service. 

Our service complaints and feedback procedure does not cover situations where you are dissatisfied solely with the outcome of a financial firm complaint, including a final determination we’ve made about a complaint, rather how we provided our service to you. When AFCA issues a determination, it is a final decision about a complaint. This cannot be appealed through AFCA.

Watch: How to give feedback about the service you've received from AFCA

How you can provide feedback to us

Where you don’t require a response from us, the simplest way to share your feedback is to complete our online feedback form and select either Compliment or Suggestion. You can also share your experience with us via email, over the phone or in writing. 

How you can complain about our service

If you complain to us about the service we provided to you, we will investigate it and try to resolve the problem with you directly. But if we can’t, AFCA’s Independent Assessor may independently review your service complaint and recommend what we need to do to address any service issues raised. 

To complain about our service, you can:

  • First tell the person who you have been dealing with. Generally, whether you are a consumer or an AFCA financial firm member, this will be the case worker allocated to your complaint. Most of the time, they will be able to sort things out for you straight away.
  • If you don’t feel we have sorted the problem for you, you can also ask a manager to look at your service complaint.
  • Otherwise, you can complete our online feedback form and select “Service complaint about AFCA”. You will receive a separate reference number within a few business days.

If you are unsure who to contact, call us on 1800 931 678 and we will put you in touch with someone who can help.

How we deal with a complaint about our service

If you lodge a complaint about our service, we will investigate and consider the concerns you have raised and respond to them. 

If your complaint requires further action, we will work with you to find an appropriate solution. 

Complaints about our service must be lodged within six months of the related financial firm complaint being closed.

You can find out more in our service complaints and feedback policy and procedure.

What service issues you can complain about

We can consider complaints about our service, such as:  

  • the professionalism, competence and attitude of AFCA employees 
  • communication  
  • fairness and impartiality 
  • timeliness 
  • adherence to our processes.

Who can complain

Both a consumer or small business who has lodged a financial firm complaint with us, or a financial firm that is an AFCA member can complain about our service.

What we can't consider in a service complaint

We can’t deal with complaints about our service that are only about the outcome of a financial firm complaint. 

For example, if:

  • you are concerned that we can’t consider your financial firm complaint because it is outside of our jurisdiction, or 
  • you are dissatisfied with the outcome or the substance of a decision we have issued.

These are matters that we can’t consider through our service complaints process. 

What information you should provide in your service complaint

When completing the online feedback form about our service, you should be as specific as possible, and provide any information to support your comments. Information might include details of emails or calls between yourself and an AFCA case worker, documents provided to you by us, and documents provided to us by you.

What outcomes we can provide for a service complaint

There are a number of possible outcomes and resolutions to a complaint about our service. These include:

  • An explanation about our process and information about how your complaint was handled by us
  • Addressing an issue you have raised
  • Providing an apology if we haven’t met our service standards
  • A change in the way we are handling your financial firm complaint
  • Ongoing monitoring of issues
  • Training for our people
  • Compensation for non-financial loss may be awarded in appropriate circumstances. 

Complete our online feedback form

What you can do if you're still unhappy with the outcome of your service complaint

If you are unhappy with our response to your service complaint, you can lodge your complaint with the Independent Assessor. 

The Independent Assessor is appointed by the AFCA Board to impartially investigate complaints about our service.

Find out more about the Independent Assessor

Got feedback?

Complete our online feedback form

Email: AFCAServiceComplaints@afca.org.au

Phone: 1800 931 678

Post: AFCA Service Complaints, Australian Financial Complaints Authority, GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001

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