Updated: 11 August 2020

Administrators have been appointed

On 8 July 2020, Peter Paul Krejci & Andrew John Cummins of BRI Ferrier were appointed as administrators of Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd.

For further information on the administration, please refer to BRI Ferrier’s website http://briferrier.com.au/

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Information from ASIC

ASIC provides more information on external administration in its insolvency information sheets at www.asic.gov.au/insolvencyinfosheets.

ASIC also advised in its statement of 21 July 2020 that it has suspended Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd’s license until 23 September 2020.

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The financial firm remains a current member of AFCA

At this time, despite the suspension of its license and status, Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd is a current member of AFCA.

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What this may mean for complaints

Consumers can continue to lodge complaints about the actions of Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd. More information about Making a Complaint to AFCA is below

However, at this time AFCA has paused processing complaints against insolvent firms until there is certainty provided by the Government about the scope and timing of a compensation scheme of last resort. Read the full statement.

We have also provided information for consumers with a complaint in AFCA’s fact sheet about complaints about insolvent firms.

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Lodging a proof of debt

If you have an outstanding claim against Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd you can directly engage with the external administrator and lodge a proof of debt with supporting information.

We suggest any consumer with a claim contact the administrators now and lodge a proof of debt and provide information to support their claim, such as the information already provided to AFCA. An AFCA determination is not required to lodge a proof of debt.

BRI Ferrier can be contacted as follows:

Level 30, Australia Square, 264 George Street


Phone: 02 82632300

Email usg@brifnsw.com.au

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Making a complaint to AFCA

Consumers who have a complaint about the actions of a current AFCA member can lodge a complaint against the financial firm.

If you want to find out if a particular company is a current AFCA member, you can search on our website or call us on 1800 367 287.

AFCA is an independent dispute resolution service. Our services are free to consumers, and consumers do not need to be represented to lodge or pursue a complaint at AFCA. Consumers can contact AFCA for assistance with submitting a complaint.

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Time limits to complain

AFCA can generally only consider your complaint if it is made to AFCA within the earliest of two timeframes, either:

  • six years after you first became aware, or ‘should reasonably have become aware’, that you suffered the loss you want to complain about; or
  • if you have already complained directly to your financial firm through its internal dispute resolution (IDR) process, within two years of getting a response from your financial firm through that process.

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We will keep you updated

AFCA will keep you up to date as we become aware of new information about Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd that may affect complaints.

Please check this webpage regularly.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or want more information about lodging a complaint, please

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有关Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd的重要消费者信息

更新日期: 2020年7月28日



2020年7月8日,BRI Ferrier的Peter Paul Krejci和Andrew John Cummins被任命为Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd的管理人。

有关管理详情,请参考BRI Ferrier的网站http://briferrier.com.au/



ASIC在2020年7月21日的声明中说它已临时吊销Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd的执照,吊销日期一直到2020年9月23日。


目前,尽管执照被吊销,Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd仍然是AFCA的会员。


消费者可以继续投诉Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd的行为问题。有关向AFCA投诉的详情见下




如果正在投诉Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd,你可以直接联系外部管理人并提交债务证明和辅助资料。

我们建议正在投诉的消费者现在就联系管理人并提交债务证明以及支持其诉求的信息 - 比如已经向AFCA提供的信息。提交债务证明不需要出具AFCA的裁决书。

BRI Ferrier的联系方式是:

Level 30, Australia Square, 264 George Street


电话: 02 82632300

电邮 usg@brifnsw.com.au



如果你要查询某家公司目前是否是AFCA的会员,你可以搜索我们的网站或拨打我们的电话1800 367 287。

AFCA是一家独立的纠纷化解机构。我们的服务对消费者来说是免费的。消费者不需要找代表向AFCA递交或讨论投诉问题。 消费者可以联系AFCA寻求递交投诉的协助。



  • 最初意识到或“合理地意识到”你要投诉的损失问题之后6年内;或
  • 如果你已经通过内部纠纷化解流程向金融机构直接投诉,在得到金融机构答复后2年内。


一有可能会影响到你投诉问题的Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd方面的消息AFCA就会向你通报。




  • 电话:1800 931 678
  • 电邮: info@afca.org.au