The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) has received a number of complaints from small businesses about an agreement to rent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software from two financial firms who are AFCA members.

The CRM software was introduced to small business by Rebl Corp, Digital Rebl and/or Media Rebl with an online advertising package. 

Digital Rebl agreed to pay the small businesses an amount equal to the rental cost of the CRM software but has now stopped trading.  The small businesses do not want the CRM software rental agreement to continue.

What we are doing

We have established a process to manage the complaints we have received.

We will be selecting a lead complaint/s and starting our investigation on the issues raised.  Our investigation will include whether the financial firms can enforce the rental agreements against the small businesses.

An important part of any investigation undertaken by AFCA is allowing the parties involved time to be heard, and to provide relevant information to us in support of their respective positions.

In the lead complaint/s, we will ask the parties involved to provide all their information to us.  The information we receive will then be exchanged with the parties.  AFCA will then review all the information and make a decision.

The decision we make in the lead complaint/s will form the basis of our approach to the other complaints we have received about the CRM software rental agreements.

A financial firm must not commence or continue recovery action

While AFCA is handling a complaint, the financial firm must not take any action to recover a debt that is the subject of the complaint. 

If you lodge a complaint with us and the financial firm contacts you about making repayments, please let us know. 

What small business can do if they are concerned

We encourage any small business with a concern about a finance agreement they entered when dealing with the Rebl Corp group to contact their financial firm first to allow the financial firm to resolve the complaint directly with them. 

If the complaint is not resolved, or your small business is in financial difficulty due to any arrangement with the financial firm, the next step is to lodge a complaint with us online, via email or by telephone.