About membership with AFCA

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) is an external dispute resolution scheme that considers and resolves complaints from consumers and small businesses about financial products or services.

Relevant Australian financial firms have an obligation to be a member of AFCA as part of their licensing conditions. Being a member of AFCA ensures you meet your licensing requirement to be a member of an external dispute resolution scheme when you are operating your business and providing a financial product or service to consumers and/or small businesses. This includes if you hold or you are applying for an:

  • Australian Financial Services Licence;
  • Australian Credit Licence;
  • Australian Limited Financial Services Licence; or
  • Authorised Credit Representative.

AFCA membership is also open to other industry participants in the financial services and superannuation industries (and related industries), who are legally required or wish to become an AFCA member, for the purpose of providing their clients with access to AFCA’s independent external dispute resolution services.

Eligibility for AFCA membership is subject to certain requirements outlined in AFCA’s Constitution. Before applying for AFCA membership please read the Constitution carefully.

Benefits of AFCA membership

For financial firms, there are benefits to being a member with AFCA.


At AFCA, our professional staff are supported by a highly experienced team of Decision Makers and experts, including Lead Ombudsmen, Ombudsmen, Panel members and Adjudicators. We work independently, cooperatively and efficiently to resolve financial complaints with a fair outcome.

Professional development

Membership with AFCA can enhance your networking opportunities within the financial services industry. We regularly host professional development events for members including our annual conference, industry forums, liaison group meetings and technical webcasts, which can help members increase their understanding of AFCA and effective external dispute resolution, and also enhance their network within the industry.


At AFCA, members have access to our expertise in a variety of formats, such as our Approach documents; digital publications, including EDR response and accessibility guides; eLearning courses; and process and timeframe resources.


Our online member portal Secure Services gives you access to a range of customised resources including video tutorials, eLearning, detailed process information and statistics. You can also safely perform membership and complaint administration online, such as case and document management for complaints.

Application fees

All members pay a single annual application fee. Payments are processed through Westpac's PayWay secure server using 128-bit SSL encryption.

The fee payable is outlined in the table below:


Application date

Total payable (including GST)

Mastercard and Visas logos
American Express logo


Includes application fee and base levy

1/06/2023 - 30/9/23



1/10/23 - 31/12/23



1/1/24 - 31/3/24



1/4/24 - 01/06/24



Credit representatives

1/06/23 - 31/5/24




Processing timeframe

After your membership application has been received and payment is successfully processed (please allow 5–7 business days), we will provide the nominated principal contact (for example, CEO or Managing Director) a confirmation email of approved membership. This email will contain details on how to manage your membership with AFCA, as well as information regarding our dispute resolution process and complaint fees, which will apply for complaints we receive in accordance with our Rules.

Refund policy

Application fees are non-refundable. 

CDR Accreditation applicants

Financial firms applying for an AFCA membership as a requirement of their CDR Accreditation should apply as a licensee below and select 'Consumer Data Right Jurisdiction' as their main business activity during step six.

More information

Authorised Credit Representatives can apply for an AFCA membership either under a company name or individual name.

For more information about membership with AFCA, please contact our membership team membership@afca.org.au or phone 1300 56 55 62.


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We provide consumers and small businesses with fair, free and independent dispute resolution for financial complaints.

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