Issues and problems you can complain about

More information about these issues is available to help you decide if you want to complain to us.

  • Fees or charges that were incorrectly applied or calculated (but not if your only concern is that you believe the fee or charge was too high).
  • Information that you weren’t given about the product or that you were given and you believe was misleading or incorrect, including fees or costs.
  • If you’re in financial difficulty and can’t make repayments.
  • Decisions that your financial firm has made, including a decision to pursue an unpaid debt and whether a decision to lend was made responsibly.
  • If you gave instructions and they weren’t followed.
  • Privacy and confidentiality breaches.
  • Transactions that were incorrect or unauthorised, or mistaken payments.

More information about these issues is following to help you decide if you want to complain to us.

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What to do next

You can make a complaint to AFCA online, by letter, email or by phoning us.

If you don’t want to complain to us directly, you can go back to your financial firm and ask to make a complaint to their internal dispute resolution team.

Your financial firm should be able to provide you with information about how to make a complaint to them.

We also have some tips available to help you make an internal complaint.

Make a complaint

Financial difficulty

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, we encourage you to contact your credit provider to discuss a hardship arrangement. If you are unable to come to a suitable arrangement, please contact us.

Examples of financial difficulty include where your financial firm has declined or not responded to your request to vary your repayments due to hardship, you have been issued a default notice, or your financial firm is continuing legal or debt collection action against you after you have made a financial difficulty request to them.