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Industry forums

AFCA forums are an opportunity for financial firms and industry affiliates to discuss issues in dispute resolution directly with our Ombudsman, Senior Management and Panel members. An important objective of our forums is to work with industry to improve how complaints are handled and resolved before coming to AFCA, which improves outcomes for customers of financial firms and enhances industry practices and processes.

Our forums are generally a mix of working through decisions nominated by financial firms, with panel discussion and Q&As. We discuss common and emerging issues within each financial industry, explore our complaint resolution processes and share expertise, knowledge and industry insights.

Liaison groups

Our liaison groups are convened to discuss ongoing developments within AFCA, including process and service issues, to consult on our approach to particular types of complaints and generally share information and insights relating to current and emerging issues of mutual concern.


We host member webcasts to help increase the reach and accessibility of our events, especially for those unable to attend our industry forums. Our webcasts cover pertinent issues relating to internal and external dispute resolution in financial complaints.

For each webcast, a panel of AFCA staff covers key issues relating to the topic of the webcast, which can include our complaint resolution process, industry specific issues relating to the complaints we receive and resolve, as well as answering and discussing submitted questions.


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Speaking engagements

To help enhance awareness about AFCA, senior staff members regularly speak at industry and consumer group forums.