The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal will cease operations after 31 December 2020.

AFCA needs to amend its Rules to ensure there are appropriate arrangements in place to address the following possible events:

  • any remaining complaints currently with the SCT are unable to be finalised prior to the SCT ceasing operations, or 
  • any matters that are before the Federal Court on appeal from the SCT are not finalised prior to SCT ceasing operations and require remittal back to be determined again or finalised in accordance with the Court’s directions.

The proposed changes will allow AFCA to consider these complaints and will not otherwise affect what complaints it can consider.

Consultation on Rules amendments

Consultation on the Rules amendments closed on Friday 16 October 2019. Feedback was sought based on the following consultation documents.

AFCA will be reviewing all submissions made and will release further information regarding the Rules changes in due course. It is anticipated that the relevant amendments to the Rules will be released by January 2021.


Please note: If a submission was marked confidential it will not be published below. If a submission contained specific complaint details or personal contact details they have been redacted for privacy reasons.